Day 365: The end of an Era

22 04 2011

(full discloser: I looked back at the past 12 months of this photo blog and realized the sometime in October my numbering got messed up, and this 365 picture a day should have ended already–but there were 2 days this past year that I forgot to take a photo, plus I’d like it to end on my 30th birthday)

I can’t believe I’m 30. I didn’t accomplish everything I had planned to in my 29th year, and I’m certainly not where I planned to be professionaly, but it was still quite a memorable year, and despite my pictures were sometime far less than inspiring, I’m glad I kept up with this project and that I have 300+ more tangible memories of my 29th year.

I took a picture of myself with my birthday flowers, just like last year.


Day 363: 30 30 30…it’s the last day of my 20s

21 04 2011

Today is the last day of my 20s. I have mixed feelings about it, OK mostly not good feelings. But you know what eases those feelings? The 99 cent bottle of wine that Shawna gave me today for the 21st day of Kapril.

Day 362: Ideas

20 04 2011

I started a little notebook of wedding-related ideas, here it is along with the current book club selection. 

Day 361: New Yoga Mat

19 04 2011

I got a birthday surprise in the mail today– a new yoga mat! Which is good because my old one is pretty worn out.

Day 360: Down Below

18 04 2011

I went to a magazine seminar tonight at the New School, here is some of the art in the lobby.

Day 359: More Flowers

17 04 2011

After hanging with my Little Sister today, I did some gardening and bike riding to take advantage of the brief window of nice weather. This guy broke off while I was planting, meaning more flowers in the apartment!

Day 358: Indoor Picnic

16 04 2011

The weather was cold, rainy, and windy today so we had an indoor picnic in the living room. Jonesy was a fan.